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Phoenix massage gun is your all-in-one solution to muscle soreness and work-out recovery. It's the END of your muscle pain with Free shipping!

Phoenix massage gun is state-of-the-art percussion massager relieves body fatigue, promotes blood circulation & range of motion, prevents fasciitis, and improves the overall health of the body's soft tissue.

Phoenix massagegun is well-design and driven by scientific research. Thats is why this well-designed, vibrating, and powerful massage gun is everything you need for fast recovery, reducing fatigue and to treat all areas of the body.

Now you can conveniently treat your body any time, anywhere with the breakthrough science of Percussion Therapy. 


Why Phoenix?

1. Recover Faster

Phoenix allows you to get deep into muscle tissue/fascia to help drain lactic acid and elasticity. This will allow you to recovery faster and build more muscle.

2. Eliminate Pain and Soreness

Open up your muscle faster and more effectively with Phoenix. Our Double Barring technology allows you to get deeper faster which will help relax your muscle and return the fascia to its normal self.

3. Increase Performance

The best time to work your muscle is when they are free and warmed up. The last thing you want to do is workout/recover when you're feeling tight Phoenix will not only allow you to warm/free up your muscles quicker, but also help get blood to them quicker post workout.


The best with PHOENIX massage gun is

PHOENIX massage gun delivers a perfect combination of power, performance, and variability.



✔ Improves your range of motion
✔ Reduces recovery time
✔ Accelerates warm-up time
✔ Clears the muscles of lactic acid
✔ Reduces fatigue
✔ Breaks down scar tissue
✔ Treat injuries and pains
✔ Promotes blood circulation
✔ Reduces pain from inflamed muscles
✔ Releases muscle trigger points



  • Helps blood circulation to sore/tight muscles
  • Reduces muscle soreness
  • 3 speeds to help with any level of soreness
  • 4 different heads to reach every single muscle
  • Lightweight and travel friendly 


How it works

The Phoenix Ultra-Quiet Massager works by sending pulsating strokes deep into muscle tissue. This treatment promotes blood flow and flexibility while decreasing lactic acid build-up, which enhances the recovery of muscles and tissues. 


  • Rated input: 100-240V~50/50Hz, 16W
  • Rated output: 24V/1A
  • Battery Type: High-energy lithium battery
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
  • Work time: 120-180min
  • Charging time: 30min
  • Unloaded speed: 0-3200/min max
  • Frequency: 20-50Hz
  • Plug Type: US, UK, EU & AU
  • Sound pressure level: 40dB(A)-80dB

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Phoenix Ultra-Quiet Massage Gun
  • 1 x 24v Lithium-ion Battery (built-in)
  • 1 x charging cord
  • 4 attachments
  • 1 user manual


Phoenix Massage Gun on and off button



Phoenix press on button



Phoenix Massage Gun accessories






Phoenix REMOVABLE BATTERY (1500 mAh)